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Who We Are
Acmetronix (Dongtai Wanhe Electronics Co. Ltd.) is a leading manufacturer and supplier of quality CATV/MATV and Broadband network products. Our main manufacturing center is located in Dongtai, Jiangsu Province, China. We also have sales office in Naning, China.
What We Do
We specialize in a wide range of products in CATV, CCTV, MATV and Broadband network, including indoor and outdoor splitters and taps, amplifiers for home, inline and trunk use, attenuators, filters for different situations, optical receiver, converters,  Coaxial and Cat5e ,Cat6 cables, RF and AV connectors for professional and home use. We use the finest components and the latest construction technologies to optimize the performance of our products, and ensure compliance to industry specifications for each produc and its designated application.
We supply our own Acmetronix brand, but we can also supply OEM. We provide our quality products and services to the electronic system integrators and resellers, equipments manufacturers and distributors all over the world at competitive wholesale prices.
Besides above, ODM is also welcome. We could design and make products to meet any customer’s  special needs.
Our mission
Our mission is to help our customers succeed with our quality products and services. We look for long-term cooperation with our customers. We know our benefits come from the success of our customers. So, quality and service are always in our top priority, and we are ready to meet any special requirements.
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